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We transform abstract ideas into delightful digital experiences.
We have mastered modern technologies, best practices, and the cloud to deliver the best outcomes
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Great people want to work with each other
We have attracted US talent at the top of their careers. They created best practices at Fortune 100 companies and now want to work on ideas that matter and with people who inspire them. That's where you come in. You are someone who has conviction about an idea that most people don't understand, has the grit to iterate on the idea, and the wisdom to partner with others to overcome the odds.
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Your technology partners
James Dowdell
Principal Engineer
James is a Harvard Computer Science graduate, an ex-Googler, a CTO-level fullstack software engineer with more than 20 years of experience, and the founder of a 32-person engineering and design agency with a 7-figure top line.

He believes that brilliance is good; reliability is better; but most important are integrity and compassion. He helps awesome people doing amazing things in the world; and he delivers delightful tech and tech leadership, on time, on budget, with full transparency and candor.
Jeff White
Lead Software Engineer
Jeff has extensive experience designing and building systems at small startups as well as large companies, including Microsoft and eBay. He has also been a technical advisor to several early-stage startups. He strives to find simple solutions to hard problems, applying a minimalist approach to software and infrastructure.

His interests include serverless, cloud architecture, devops, observability, and improving the developer experience. Outside of work, Jeff enjoys traveling, reading, hiking, running, and yoga.
Ned Borisov
Lead Software Engineer
Ned Borisov is a veteran Software Engineer and Manager of software engineering teams. Ned holds a PhD in Database Management from Duke University and has participated in ACM-ICPC programming competitions. He has successfully recruited & managed internal, outsourced, and hybrid teams for both startups (Platfora) and large companies (Facebook, Workday.)

During his tenure in these companies he has led  projects as an Architect and Director of Engineering. Ned has been trusted to deliver high priority projects on time and on budget by some of the largest companies in the world. Whether his role is as a fractional CTO, VPE, or just an advisor, his passion is turning ideas into a thriving business or feature. Ned currently resides in Silicon Valley and enjoys reading books and solving puzzles in his free time.
Neeraj Jain
Lead Software Engineer
Neeraj is a seasoned business & technology leader based in Silicon Valley. Neeraj began his career at IBM Global Services, where he worked for over 5 years in a variety of roles. He then went on to hold leadership positions at several other top companies, including Stubhub, eBay and Carta, where he played a key role in driving technology growth and innovation.

Neeraj comes with expertise in various domains such as Fintech, e-commerce, healthcare and has worked with both services and product based companies. Neeraj holds a Master's degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and a Bachelor's degree from the University of Rajasthan in India. Outside of work, Neeraj enjoys hiking, listening to Bollywood music and spending time with his family.


Our recent partnerships
We are selective about who we work with. We have clients that have worked with us over several years. These are partnerships, not projects.

“Working with the Prophet Town team is seamless. We wanted to make sure our platform was not only built to rapidly scale but would perform when asked to ingest thousands of records and hundreds of thousands of data points. It was a bonus that the vision, mission and culture of the two organizations are so closely matched.”

Chris Dimock

CEO & Founder


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